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Top 5 Things To Do In Massachusetts

When you mention Massachusetts almost everyone thinks of Boston and for good reason too. Boston is known for its food, specifically seafood, its crucial role in American history, and its diverse culture steeped in New England tradition.

However, Boston is not the only destination where travelers can take in the rich history and culture of Massachusetts. The state itself hosts a plethora of small villages, historical towns, breathtaking beaches, and natural scenery that whispers of the beginnings of America.

There is so much to see and do in Massachusetts that you are sure to never get bored unless you do so on purpose.

The following list outlines 5 “must visit” places in Massachusetts, and while it does not cover each and every attraction the state has to offer, these 5 things are enough for you to experience Massachusetts at its finest.

Boston Freedom Trail

As its name implies, this trail is located in Boston. It is the historical backbone of the state and includes 16 historical sites that are a testament to America’s fight for independence and freedom.

The main sites on the trail include:

Where the Boston Massacre took place.

Old South Meeting Hall (Boston Tea Party).

Paul Revere's House (The British are Coming!)

While visiting the Boston Freedom Trail be sure to wear comfortable shoes as the trek encompasses a 2 ½ mile trail that takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete for the major sites and a whole day if you want to see all 16 of them.

Cape Cod

Massachusetts offers a number of beaches and beach-derived activities, most of them located within Cape Cod.

Now Cape Cod is huge - 500 miles of coastline - so you are going to have to be selective on what exactly it is you are looking for. The main attractions, with their intended pleasures, are listed below.

Martha’s Vineyard: Picnic & Sunbathing

Cape Cod National Seashore: Hiking

Nantucket: Fishing

The is a reason why Massachusetts is known as the “Bay State”!

Quincy Market

If you are looking for some good eateries while in Boston, be sure to visit Quincy Market. You will find plenty of options from Italian cuisine to New England Clam Chowder here. In fact, there is one building in Quincy Market that hosts over one hundred food stalls within its structure!

You will have to make a reservation at some of the restaurants there, especially during dinner time - a testament to the quality and popularity of the place - but there is usually always a seat or booth available during lunch hours.

The best feature of this place, in our opinion, is the free “samplings” offered at selected food stalls during the International Food Festival which is held every Wednesday at Quincy Market.

Salem Witch Museum

Salem is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Massachusetts, at least among hocus pocus fans. The “Witch Capital” of the world offers many historical sites pertaining to the Salem Witch Trials, the most popular of them being the Salem Witch Museum.

At the museum, you can find artifacts, tours, and a general history of the Witch Hysteria of 1682 that resulted in the death of 20 innocent lives.

Whether taking a break from Boston or embarking on a road trip throughout Massachusetts, be sure to visit this historical witch town and the museum that makes witches real again.

New England Aquarium

Seals, sharks, and whales are all part of Massachusetts’ largest and most popular aquarium. During the summer months, when the kids are off from school, it is perhaps the most visited place in all of Boston.

From the four-story ocean tank to the touch-tank, where you can actually pet sharks and rays, the entire inch of the aquarium is filled with aquatic animals - over 1,000 species of marine life - some of which you may have never even heard of before.

The New England Aquarium even offers a whale-watch program which you can book through them. The tickets for this program can be purchased at the Aquarium or through their website.

If you do decide to visit the New England Aquarium during the Summer months, be sure to0 go early in the morning to avoid the Summer crowds.

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Posted on Aug 20 2018

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