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Picking a Chauffeur Service for Business - Questions to Ask

Not every professional chauffeur service is the same. If you're planning to book chauffeur service for an upcoming event, choosing a vehicle isn't the only selection you should be making. It's important to choose a reliable chauffeur service that's responsible and professional. Here are some questions to ask when choosing the right chauffeur service.

Does the Chauffeur Have the Right License?

This is one of the most important questions you'll ask. You should find out if their chauffeurs are licensed limousine drivers. Depending on the municipality or state, a chauffeur may hold a certain class of license. They're also required to meet the driving experience and minimum age requirements. When choosing the right chauffeur service, a reputable limousine company should be happy to provide proof of their drivers' license and qualifications. 

Does the Chauffeur Have a Clean Driving Record? 

A responsible chauffeur is one who ensures the safety of their passengers. This means they have a clean driving record. Find out about the policy on drivers' records when choosing the right chauffeur service. If you find out that their driving record is not clean, then it's time to move on and find another company. 

How Do They Safely Transport Their Passengers?

This is the second most important aspect to consider when selecting a chauffeur service. Make sure that the service you're about to receive holds certification and has comprehensive insurance coverage. Ask the limousine company for a copy of their insurance policy to ensure that coverage includes their passengers. You should also find out if their chauffeurs are professionally trained and have gone through several background checks. If your limousine provider has not kept up with some of these standards, you should choose another company. 

Can You See the Fleet in Person? 

There's nothing worse than choosing a ride online only to receive something that is nothing like what was pictured on the website or in the brochure. It's imperative for you to visit your chauffeur service at their place of business. Check out their selection of fleet before choosing the first one you see online or in the brochure. You should also select a fleet before making a payment to ensure the ride has everything you need. 
Something the costs of a vehicle is too good to be true. Some chauffeur services may lead you on and will only require you to see the fleet until you made a down payment. Don't fall for this trick because you may have trouble getting your money back. To prevent disappointment, ensure that the vehicle is what you want, and the only way to do so is to see it in person before booking transportation. 

What is the Size Range of Their Fleet? 

Upon seeing the fleet in person, you should notice the wide variety of sizes and vehicles. Some of the most common include Mercedes sprinters, party buses, shuttle buses, stretch limos, and stretch SUVs. These vehicles vary upon a wide variety of needs. If you're traveling with a group, then you'll need a party bus or stretch SUV. When booking a chauffeur service, some smaller companies may have a limited range. 

What Are Their Number of Years in Business?

Their experience and number of years in the business are just as important, especially when it comes to transporting passengers. There are several factors that could impact a safe ride. To ensure a safe ride, a chauffeur service should at least have decades of experience in the transportation industry. If you found a service that has everything you need, then gauge the experience of their staff.

Did They Receive Adequate Training?

The right certification, driving record, license, and professional attire are all a great start, but are the chauffeurs fully trained? Find out if they recently completed a defensive driving course. There are several other factors, such as knowing if the chauffeur has enough knowledge to drive a large vehicle or to help a disabled professional get in and out of the bus safely. 
Throughout the day, a chauffeur has to deal with nervous brides, wound up executives, and unexpected traffic. Sometimes the chauffeur will have to transport a bus filled with rowdy and drunk individuals. A reputable chauffeur is one who stays calm under pressure. Talk to your chauffeur service about how their chauffeurs perform under stressful situations and find out if you can get any evaluation forms about certain chauffeurs. 

Do the Chauffeurs Practice Punctuality? 

Professional chauffeurs should arrive 15 to 20 minutes early at the desired pickup location. To ensure a smooth ride, a chauffeur will plan all routes ahead of time, taking any road delays or weather-related incidents into consideration. Your plans will unfold if the chauffeur doesn't arrive on time, especially if that late arrival ruins a business meeting, conference, or another important event. 

What are the Final Costs? 

Price is also important when it comes to selecting a chauffeur service. Some chauffeur companies add fees onto the base rate. You may also have to pay administration fees, fuel surcharges, gratuity fees, and toll fees. You should receive an all-inclusive rate when you book transportation. This will prevent you from being surprised that your bill is 30% higher than you expected it to be. 
Use our limo service in Massachusetts when you need reliable and safe transportation. Our limo rental in Massachusetts has transported thousands of happy passengers for several years. Our certified and professional chauffeurs undergo a rigorous background check. They're also highly skilled and trained in dealing with multiple personalities and road incidents. Book your services two weeks before your event, so you don't have to worry about needing transportation. 

Posted on May 14 2019

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