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Making Plans for a Stress-free Memorial Day Getaway

The key to a stress-free Memorial Day weekend getaway is planning. There's added stress with where to spend Memorial Day Weekend since it's the first holiday of the summer season. Some people feel a need to beat the crowds because most accommodations are not available and can be booked well in advance. Since hurrying and rushing can add to the stress of planning, here are some tips to make your Memorial Day weekend trip stress-free. 

Book Your Reservations

Whether you're planning a beach getaway or a camping trip, make your reservations ahead of time. You want to plan your trip as far in advance of your Memorial Day weekend trip. This will ensure that you'll get the room, boarding, and other arrangements you're looking for. You also want to make sure that you don't lose that reservation information. 
While file folders can help, organizers such as a travel case can store that important information. You can use it to store other important papers such as your boarding pass, state identification or driver's license, travel insurance, registration certificates, and vehicle insurance. 

Avoid Package Tours

When planning your trip, booking an all-inclusive trip may be tempting. All you need to do is sit through the sales pitch and book the package tour. But is it worth wasting hours of your time? Most of your daily activities and meals may be planned or determined by the travel company. If you book the wrong vacation, you could find yourself playing Bingo with a group of elderly people. 

Become Your Own Travel Agent

Booking flights have never been easier thanks to the internet. Some of the major travel websites give you a side-by-side comparison of airline prices. Most of them offer flights that are just a few dollars less than the other. Why would you need a travel agent when you can do it on your own? 

Get Your Vehicle Ready 

You should have your vehicle prepared before your Memorial Day weekend getaway. This involves checking your battery condition, fluid levels, lights, and tire pressure. For that added protection, you should have an excursion road kit for emergencies and unexpected situations. You should also make sure that your auto insurance and roadside assistance is up-to-date. 
Your roadside insurance should include complimentary towing if you're using your RV for your Memorial Day weekend trip. 

Plan Fewer Activities 

To make your Memorial Day weekend getaway stress-free, you should plan as little activities as possible. Don't feel that you need an itinerary. You're not writing a business plan; you're trying to figure out what to do on your trip. The concept of traveling with your family doesn't mean you have to plan every meal to eat and what attractions to see. Some of the best-laid plans are those unexpected moments or spontaneous trips. 
Figure out which attractions you want to see or do. You'll have a rough outline so you can get an idea of what you can squeeze in during your trip. This can also help you determine which attractions are close by. Try to be as flexible as possible, and don't overthink your itinerary. That idea from the local convenience store owner may be the best memory you make on your trip. 

Step Away From Technology

The biggest problem with technology is that there is too much of it. You can access it on your laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Don't rely on technology for your trip. Instead, turn off all of your devices and ask your kids to do the same. If possible, don't bring any of your devices with you. 
You'll be confused, frustrated, and stressed out since you're not making the most of your trip. Instead, sit down and have a discussion with your family. Make the most out of your trip by doing something you've never done before. This will create new memories and bring you closer together. 

Find Your Tribe 

Are you traveling alone this Memorial Day weekend? One of the best things you can do is find your tribe. Whether you're planning your trip by yourself or traveling by yourself, you'll realize that you're not alone. Everyone is trying to have the best time away from the office or with their families. 
Get involved with the locals. You may make some new friends out of the experience. Traveling solo doesn't have to be a challenge. It can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. It'll open you up to a world of people who are just like you. 

Slow Down - And Have Fun!

Just because there are 100 things you want to doesn't mean you should do see them all. Choose the ones that matter to you and your family the most. If you have time to do more, then that's an added bonus. Ask your family about the top three attractions or activities they want and work from there. 
Make sure that you take into consideration the location of those attractions, consideration for jet lag, the need for relaxation, price, and if they're family-friendly. 
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Posted on Apr 30 2019

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