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A Graduation Day to Remember - Tips for the Perfect Graduation Day

Graduation day can be the biggest day of your life, so far. The day when you graduate can be stressful if you let it get to your head. But with some tips, you can have the best graduation day anyone has ever had. Here are some of our tips: 

1. Make a Budget

As a student, there are numerous expenses that you incur while in college. Your graduation day will be no different as you will incur quite a number of costs. The hiring of a gown and cap costs about $50 or more for one day. You will also require buying tickets for family and friends to attend the ceremony. If you are looking for professional photography, that will also cost you some money. These might add up to a significant amount of expense, but most people only have one graduation, which makes it worth the money. If you will have a party with the ones close to you, also budget for it. Creating a budget will prevent you from getting stressed when you realize you have run out of money during the graduation day.

2. Go to Bed Early

Obtaining a great night sleep prior to your graduation day can help you in feeling energized and having calm nerves. Do everything possible to prepare for your graduation days in advance. Ensure that your gown fits, you have picked out your attire, determined a fitting mortarboard, and more. Also, make sure you establish the time that you will be arriving at the event and inform your family. When you have everything in order, you are more likely to sleep well since you have nothing to worry about. Doing things in advance will prevent you from doing everything the night before, which can get you cranky during the graduation day due to lack of sufficient sleep. Sleep early and have sufficient sleep to get you ready for the big day. 

3. Put on Some Nice Clothes under the Gown

As you get ready for your graduation day, be sure to pick great and comfortable clothes to wear under the gown. For the majority of the day, you will be wearing the gown, but you want to ensure you feel comfortable and nice. Wearing very tight or very loose clothes might make you uncomfortable, which can prevent you from enjoying your graduation day. Additionally, be sure to consider the weather as you pick the outfit. In case the event is indoors, you might need to put on something light since it will be warm. When it comes to men, it is typical to put on a button-down shirt and dark pants under the gown. It is not necessary to wear a full suit, but if you feel better in it, make sure to wear it. When it comes to women, putting on a skirt or a dress is ideal for feeling comfortable and looking nice. As you pick the skirt or dress, make sure that it is not longer than the gown. Moreover, since the day can be quite long, it is best to go for flats or low heels.

4. Listen to the Speech

You might be so anxious to receive your graduation certificate in front of thousands of students that you fail to listen to the commencement speaker. The speaker is usually an experienced professional who has crafted a speech that has the words that will boost your morale as you prepare for the next step. He will challenge and inspire you as you move on to the next stage. Hence, calm your nerves and be attentive to the speaker’s words. You never know if they might say something that you needed to hear.

5. Consider Photography

There is a lot that happens on a graduation day. Hence, it is crucial you ensure that the best and most special memories are captured. Ensure that you have a fully charged phone or camera so you can take as many photos as you wish. You will also need to ensure that your phone has sufficient storage space if you will be using it for photography. Take photos of yourself with your family and friends as well as when you are receiving your certificate. Be sure to find your favorite professor and members of university to take photos with you. If they mean a lot to you, you will want the memories saved forever. 

6. Social Media

As you graduate, remember that a thousand other students are also graduating. Take photographs and post the best ones to your social media pages and allow other people to celebrate with you. Follow your school’s hashtag to get fun images of your friends and classmates as well as fellow alumni. If your friends, family, and acquaintances who are not there know that you have graduated, there is a chance you might get a job right away.

7. Plan Transportation for Your Graduation Day and Travel in Style 

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Posted on Apr 16 2019

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