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5 Ways of Navigating Boston for the Marathon

Everyone knows that getting around Boston can be kind of a hassle. It's even worse during Marathon Monday. More people will be in the city to check out the annual marathon that's held on the third week of April. People from around the world flock to Boston to be a part of this historic event. 

If you must travel on Marathon Monday, you have to know how to get around. The Boston Marathon gives people the chance to watch the inspiring runners cross the finish line. Some of them know friends and family who are running in the marathon. For other people, Marathon Monday is just another work day. 

Whatever your plans, be aware that many roads will be closed during the Boston Marathon. This will make it difficult for most people to get around. The City of Boston even advises against driving a personal vehicle on that day. It's best to use public transportation or limousine service

If you don't want to drive, here are some changes you need to know in regard to other types of transportation. Some roads along the route may be closed. In addition, you should avoid Back Bay, Boston Common, and Kenmore Square. Of course, your best option is to use limousine service if all else fails. 


Public transportation is available if you don't mind using it. The MBTA makes several Green Line stops around the Boston Marathon route. This route includes Copley Station, Kent Street, St. Mary's Street, and South Street. The MBTA also has plans to close the entrance to Berkley Street and the exit to Arlington Station. 


There will be several marathon events taking place over the course of the weekend. This includes several MBTA bus routes on Saturday and Sunday, including the Back-Bay area. There will be other routes affected by these bus closures on Marathon Monday. Riders will have to check the MBTA's official website to see if their bus route will be affected. 


Bicycles will not be allowed on MBTA vehicles during the Boston Marathon. This rule has been instated to reduce congestion on public transportation. While the MBTA will allow bicycles to travel on the Northside Commuter Rail lines, they will not allow bikes on the MBTA's Southside Commuter Rail lines. In addition, bikes will not be allowed on any commuter rail trains during Marathon Monday. 

Commuter Trail 

The MBTA website has announced that several commuter rail lines will still operate during the Boston Marathon. Some of those rail lines include Fairmount, Franklin, Greenbush, Haverhill, Lowell, Needham, and Newburyport/Rockport. In addition, service will be available on the Framingham/Worcester line on Monday. 

Limo Service 

We provide the best limo service Massachusetts residents can rely on during the Boston Marathon. Our transportation solution may be your best option of getting around on Marathon Monday since you don't have to worry about which roads or routes to go. Massachusetts ground transportation provides a safe, comfortable, and reliable service for travelers, attendees, and professionals. Book your services ahead of time for a stress-free experience during the Boston Marathon. Our professional chauffeurs can ensure that you will be dropped off wherever you need.

Posted on Mar 05 2019

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